Prolapsed Uterus


Prolapsed Uterus

Pelvic Organ Prolapse  Obstetrics And Gynecology  * 
Sacral Colpopexy  *  Vaginal Vault Prolapse

Did you know that Sacral Colpopexy is considered by most doctors
to be the Best Option and Procedure for Women with Pelvic Organ Prolapse,
Uterine Suspension
or Vaginal Vault Prolapse?


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Prolapsed Uterus

What is a Prolapsed Uterus?

A Prolapsed Uterus is a very serious medical condition which normally requires the immediate attention of a woman's ob-gyn or family medical provider. 

A Prolapsed Uterus refers to a "collapsed" uterus, or descended uterus, or other change in the position of the uterus in relation to the surrounding structures within the pelvis. The pelvis contains many soft tissue structures vital to normal body functions, supported primarily by the diaphragms, layers of muscles, fibrous coverings called fasciae, and various ligaments and tendons. These soft tissues of the pelvis derive their ultimate support from the bony pelvis. 

A woman's uterus is held in place within her pelvis by a number of ligaments, muscles and connecting tissues.  During childbirth, particularly those women that experience either difficult labor and delivery, or extended L&D, these muscles and connecting tissues may weaken and no longer provide the support to keep her uterus in its' proper pelvic location. As women age, those with weakened muscles and ligaments of the uterus, now have the additional loss of estrogen, which may lead to her uterus  collapsing or "falling" into her vagina.  This is then referred to as a "prolapsed uterus."

Conditions that may also contribute to a prolapsed uterus include being overweight, hysterectomy/removal of the uterus, and any other surgeries that affect the ligaments, muscles or connecting tissues of a woman's uterus.



Prolapsed Uterus

Pelvic Organ Prolapse  Obstetrics And Gynecology  * 
Sacral Colpopexy  *  Vaginal Vault Prolapse

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More information about prolapsed uterus

A prolapsed uterus may be one of three types, depending on the severity:

First-degree prolapse occurs when the uterus sags downward into the upper vagina.

Second-degree prolapse occurs when the cervix is at or near the outside of the vagina.

Third-degree prolapse (sometimes referred to as total prolapse) occurs when the entire uterus extends outside the vagina.

What are the symptoms of a woman with a prolapsed uterus?
*  Painful sexual intercourse
*  Pain in the lower back
*  Problems with urination and/or bowel movement 
*  Problems with standing and walking
*  The feeling of "fullness" in the pelvis - also commonly referred to "pressure" in the pelvis.
*  The feeling as if she is sitting on a small ball
*  Women with a prolapsed uterus also describe the feeling that it feels like something is coming out of her vagina.

A woman with suspected prolapsed uterus should see her doctor if she has any of the following symptoms:

*  You feel your cervix next to, or closer to your vaginal opening.
*  You feel pressure in your vagina, or the feeling that something is coming, or falling out of your vagina.
*  You suffer from persistent pain, pressure or discomfort from female urinary incontinence.
*  You suffer from urinary "dribbling" when urinating.
*  You have frequent rectal urgency or need for having a bowel movement.
*  You have continuing or unexplained (low) back pain.
*  You have any problems or difficulty with; bowel movements, standing, urinating, walking, or urination

A woman with suspected prolapsed uterus should see her doctor IMMEDIATELY, if she experiences the following symptoms:

*  An obstruction, pain or any difficulties with bowel movements or urinating.
*  A complete prolapsed uterus when her uterus falls out from her vagina.


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Prolapsed Uterus

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